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Social Media Management Montreal

Social Networking and Email Marketing

Social media signals are a hot commodity; without them, your SEO and overall website traffic will not be as good as it could. Social signals can be any mention of your brand or products through tweets, Facebook “likes”, and related blasts. The more you engage your audience in commenting and sharing your social media and content, the better your overall SEO results will be.

Google and Bing are now showing an increased interest in social signals, making a social media plan an essential part of your digital marketing plan.

As an intergral part of your digital marketing strategy it is sometimes important to have a strong social media presence by continually updating the content pages on various social media platforms such as Google +, Facebook and Twitter on a daily basis. Also establishing a relationship with the potential/exsiting customers who are visiting the page by answering their questions to ensure continued business and confidence in your brand.

Another strategy we offer is custom monthly email newsletters sent to a mailing list either supplied by the client or thorugh a list generated by forms on the website. It is important to ensure that you keep your customers informed about promotions and new products or services. Email marketing ensures you are always on their mind. It is said that email marketing is one of the most efficient means of marketing as the client has no choice but to read your email.

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Industries / sectors we have dealt with in the past include law, medical, automotive, construction and real-estate. We have reached out to prospective clients across Canada and the US in both French and English.