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Best practices to know when creating a responsive design

Mobile web is gaining importance day by day and almost 80% of the searchers browse web via their mobiles or smart phones. It is true that the designing and developing your website for mobile can affect search engine optimization and rankings.

These days, responsive design is very important. It is better to have a responsive website than a mobile website. Responsive website uses percentages, instead of fixed pixels, to place content within your browser. The best part of responsive web design is that, as the browser changes, the content shuffles so as to optimize itself for a best view at any width. In other words, if you have created a responsive design and drag(increase or decrease) the size of your browser on your website, you will notice the orientation of your content and navigation bar changes. The main benefit of this is that, it offers the excellent mobile experience, and that is more important these days.

Due to the mass appeal and usage of mobile devices, smart phones and tablets, mobile surfing has jumped in more numbers. Therefore if you don't want to lose your audience, it is important to create a responsive website. And this not only offers excellent user experience but is also critical to SEO.

Here are three simple reasons responsive web design can help with your SEO:

1. No duplication of content: Duplicate content is a big NO these days. When any search engine sees duplicate content, , it is forced to decide, which of the page is correct and it should serve to the public in search results on Bing, Google, Yahoo etc. Search engines might run into a problem that, which content it should serve, if duplicate content is used in cases like mobile websites. And because of this, site owners can suffer from losses in ranking and traffic. On the other hand, responsive website design serves up the same content to all devices and search engines don't have to make any decision, as there is only one set of content for everyone.

2. Better Indexing: Duplicate content is a hindrance to your SEO efforts, mobile specific websites can create an issue in website's indexing. The term “indexing” means- a process a search engine consider so as to absorb all of your content into the ranking system. Each of the search engine will send crawlers to your site, that crawl through your code and remember it and then indexes are re scanned so as to serve your content up for any relevant search. Due to this reason having a set of code for and for can add as an other step to the process for search engine. Google recommends responsive web design based on the following factors:

Using the same URL for your website for all devices, will make it simpler for the users to interact with, share and link to your content.

There is no need of redirection for mobile websites, or vice versa when visiting from desktop and this reduces the loading time.

The efficiency of Google crawlers improves if you have one set of code, that can indirectly help Google to index more of your site's content and keep it fresh when you make updates to your content.

Your SEO value can be improved, if you serve the same HTML to all devices and manipulate the CSS as per the device.

3. Things can remain above the fold: Many people look to Keep the things above the fold so that the user can stay on your website. The content on the website should be above the fold and the designers and developers fill that content with the related images, to make the site or the page more attractive. They don't use ads and widgets in their content as the users get irritated and the chances of leaving the page increases. Hence increasing the bounce rate. For this reason, the reorganization of content at particular widths makes Responsive web Design another important feature for a search engine optimized website. The developers can easily adjust the content when coding for a group of devices as per the screen size.

Summary: Responsive web design not only offer excellent user experience but also is important for Search Engine Optimization. So, take the advantage of responsive web design and stand out in rankings.

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